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MEIJO NANO CARBON Co.,Ltd. is Carbon Nanotubes venture established in April, 2005.
Research and development type enterprise that started under the lead of Prof. Yoshinori Ando of Meijo University who contributed to Prof.Iijima’s Carbon NanoTubes (CNT) discovery.
CNT & Graphene manufacturing and sales are main business. Manufactured CNT chiefly uses the arc electrical discharge method. The CNT is Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes(SWNT). The SWNT is high purity and a high crystal.
Moreover, about Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNT) a large amount of manufacturing with the plant raw material that uses camphor is done.
Recently, CNT not only is synthesized but also CNT in various forms such as dispersion liquids, the films and filamentous is synthesized, and the processing made easy to treat more is done. In addition, Graphene manufacturing is started .
It participates in the CNT standardization committee in ISO, and it is acknowledged worldwide as CNT manufacturer in Japan now.
The enterprise that does all processes from manufacturing CNT & Graphene to the processing doesn't have by another, and be building the standpoint of only one in the CNT & Graphene venture from the thing with a high-quality synthesized the CNT & Graphene.



Name of the company MEIJO NANO CARBON Co., Ltd.
Address 2271-129 Anagahora, Shimoshidami, Moriyama, Nagoya,
Aichi 460-0002, Japan
Telephone: +81-52-736-2322 / FAX :+81-52-736-5222
CEO Takeshi Hashimoto
The capital 47.8 million yen
Establishment April 25, 2005
Membership of professional institutions Nanotechnology business creation initiative The Fullerene nanotube research society
Activities 1. CNT & Graphene manufacturing and sales
2.Development of CNT & Graphene manufacturing device
3.Application development of CNT & Graphene
4.Consulting and trust development of CNT & Graphene using

Meijo Nano Carbon Co., Ltd

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