Carbon nanotube properties

Carbon nanotubes are cylinders of graphite sheets, which consist of carbon atoms in a hexagonal honeycomb pattern, but they vary by size, the way in which they are curved, and the type of layering present, meaning they have diverse properties. These properties include being thin and light, and extremely strong, as well as the remarkable property of being able to be used as a semiconductor with the right three-dimensional structure.


Properties Examples
Morphology / Size Extremely large aspect ratio size
・SWNT (diameter 0.5~3nm, length 0.5~2µm) bundled compositio
・MWNT (diameter 5~100nm, length 1~10μm)
Bulk density is extremely low at 0.02~0.15g/cm3s
Chemical properties Comprised of sp2 orbital hybridization carbon atoms, high chemical and
thermal stability
Particle surface is hydrophobic
Electric properties Current density is 1GA/cm2, 1000 times that of copper
Electron mobility is 70 times that of silicon
SWNTs are composites of metal and semiconductors; MWNTs
have superior metallic conductivity and electron emission ability
Mechanical properties Tensile strength is 50~70GPa, 100 times that of steel
Tensile elastic modulus is 2000~5000GPa
Pliable and high in elasticity, flexibility and tribological property
Thermal properties Thermal conductivity is 2000~3000W/mK, 10 times that of copper,
three times that of diamonds
Optical properties Refractive index is 1.5~1.6
Colored blackish or neutral

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