Usage examples (applications)

Carbon tubes are the subject of high expectations for a wide range of applied developments in electronics, energy, nanotechnology, and other fields.

What we can do with carbon nanotube?




Usage and Applications in CNT

Category Application Target Functional properties
Energy Lithium ion battery SWNT/MWNT/Graphen Electrode materials Energy
Capacitor SWNT/MWNT/Graphen Electrode materials
Solar cell, Fuel cell SWNT/MWNT Storage, electrode support
Electronics Transparent conductive film SWNT/Graphen Conductive Channel Electronics
Thin film transistor (TFT) SWNT/Graphen FET Channel
LSI circuit SWNT/Graphen Wire
Materials Conductive paste / Resin SWNT/MWNT Conductive filler Materials
Conductive paper / Fiber SWNT/MWNT Conductive filler
Reinforced resin / Metal SWNT/MWNT Reinfoced filler
Heat sink SWNT/MWNT High thermal conductive filler
Biotechnology Cell cultivating SWNT/MWNT/Graphen Cell cultivating Biotechnology
Bio gas sensor SWNT/MWNT High sensitive material
Drug delivery system SWNT/MWNT Drug carrier
Nanotechnology Scanning probe microscope MWNT SPM probe Nanotechnology
Manipulation MWNT Pinset

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