MEIJO NANO CARBON Co.,Ltd have the certain Carbon nanotubes & Graphene technology.


【APJ】 Single Wall Carbon NanoTubes

APJ(Arc Plasma Jet)Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes by Arc-Discharge Evaporation

sem tem
(Left) SEM/(Right) TEM         SWNT Bundle and Ni nanoparticles   
(a) APJ method/(b) Arc method


【FH-arc】 Single Wall Carbon NanoTubes

Macroscopic oriented web of single-wall carbon nanotubes

Net CNT is produced like cotton confectionary
(a),(b) Asgrown ,TEM, HRTEM
(c),(d) Purification , SEM, TEM
Only 1g filled in 1 litter bottle


【CVD】Single Wall Carbon NanoTubes and Multi Wall Carbon NanoTubes

Synthesized technology of Single and Multi Wall Carbon NanoTubes

In CVD method, against the conventional use of petro-hydrocarbons (methane, acetylene, benzene, etc.) for nanotube production, we are using a tree product, camphor



【Separation of CNT】 Metallic and Semiconducting CNT

Metallic and Semiconducting CNT Separated Technology of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes


【Exoticism Carbon】 Hybrid Carbon of Carbon fiber and Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes on the surface of Carbon Fiber


【Graphene】 Synthesized technology of Shingle Layer Graphene

Transfered single layer Graphene (Transfered substrate)


【MN method】 Dispassion and Compounding of NanoTubes and Nanometal

Advanced operation technology that draws out function of material and selection and material of the best device, dispersant , and solvent matched to usage


【MN Paste】 Conductive Pastes Technology

Selecting of solvent with Carbon Nanotubes, various binders, and Conductive paste making 


【MN Paper】 CNT Bucky Paper

Manufacturing Technology of CNT Paper by binder and binderless


MN Yarn】 CNT Yarn

Manufacturing Technology of CNT Yarn (Binderless)


【MN Coating】 Nanomaterial Coating of nanomaterial on Thin film

Nanomaterial Coating of nanomaterial on Thin film by Dip and Spin, Spray, Inkjet coating


【Applications】 Carbon Nanotubes

Edison lamp

Edison lamp using Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes

egison1 egison2 egison3

Composite Resin

Composite Resin using Carbon Nanotubes

jyusi1 jyusi2


Fiber using Carbon Nanotubes

senika1 senika2 senika3

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